Jason Henning, Ph.D. is a Research Urban Forester with the Davey Institute in a collaborative position with the USDA Forest Service, Philadelphia Urban Field Station. He has a Ph.D. in Forestry and an M.S. in Statistics. Jason supports communities in the application of the i-Tree suite of tools, communicates the science of urban forestry to diverse audiences, and conducts research on the assessment of trees wherever they grow. He is happiest when he can help convert the complex science of urban forestry into more trees where they can do the most good.



  • 9:45A | i-Tree: Optimizing Tree Benefits from Backyards to Communities

    Trees are becoming widely accepted as multi-tasking benefit providers. Scientific research has shown that trees can help with everything from reducing air conditioning bills to reducing crime. But how do you decide what trees to plant and where to plant them? The i-Tree suite of free tools is here to help. Developed by researchers with the US Forest Service and software engineers at the Davey Institute, i-Tree tools get the latest research about the benefits of trees into the hands of residents, decision makers, and practitioners. You will have an opportunity to use the entry-level MyTree (mytree.itreetools.org) mobile application to estimate tree benefits near your own home and learn about its flexibility and mapping capabilities. The newer i-Tree Landscape tool which can help identify where trees are needed most in your community will be introduced. If you want help deciding what tree to plant and where to plant it, i-Tree has a tool for you.

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