About the CSA Farm



The Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA farm was established in 2012 on a parcel of land that overlooks the Connetquot River. It is adjacent to a historic barn that was used by the Cutting family for their herd of Jersey milking cows. Later, the meadow was mowed and the barn used for storage until the Arboretum’s Director Nelson Sterner decided to devote a portion of the land for growing crops. We broke ground in the early Spring of 2012 and the main room of the barn was cleaned, painted, and is now used as the information center and pick-up area for CSA members.


Cutting family Jersey milking cows. Four cows grazing in the field.

The Land

Two and a half acres are currently under cultivation. We have three growing fields, an herb bed, and a cut flower bed. Each year we test the soil and add compost and minerals as needed. Our goal is to feed the soil to keep it biologically rich, active, and balanced so that we can grow food that tastes good and is good for us.


Farmer’s Pledge

Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA farm is not a certified organic farm, however, we sign and follow the guidelines of the Northeast Farmer’s Association of New York (NOFA-NY) Farmer’s Pledge which describes guidelines that the farmer promises to follow to ensure that the food is responsibly grown, using organic and sustainable practices. The farmer promises to grow the healthiest food possible under conditions that help preserve the land on which it is grown.

To find out more about NOFA-NY click here.


Our Chickens

At the Farm, our egg-laying chickens are a mix of heritage breeds.  Staying true to the Farmer’s Pledge, our chickens’ diet consists of organic feed, and we treat them to food scraps from the fields. Eggs are available for purchase at the Manor House year-round. CSA members may purchase eggs at share pickup during the CSA season. Eggs are sold exclusively at the Manor House during the winter.