The Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA is made up of members, 110 families in 2019, who pay a membership fee in the spring, and who come to the farm on either Tuesday or Thursday to pick up their vegetables, herbs, berries, and flowers from May until October. We offer over 160 varieties of vegetables and berries, 15 different types of culinary herbs, and flowers, which members can pick. Members may purchase eggs on a first come first served basis from our flock of 150 egg-laying hens. Members are encouraged to participate in seeding, planting, maintaining the field, and harvesting the crops in order to reap all the benefits of connecting to the farm, the land, and to each other.

Part of the Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA’s mission is to grow high quality, organic produce for its members using sustainable practices that protect the soil and water. We strive to maintain the growing field to the high standards of the Arboretum and to make the farm a welcoming place for the many people who visit each day. We seek to build community among farm members who are encouraged to participate in a wide range of farm activities, workshops, and events. Finally, our goal is to educate the public through site visits and newsletters. We offered an education program to middle school-aged children who participate in a wide variety of hands-on activities including, planting, but not limited to harvesting, learning about compost, and the difference between good and bad bugs in the garden.



Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA farm is not a certified organic farm, however, we sign and follow the guidelines of the Northeast Farmer’s Association of New York (NOFA-NY) Farmer’s Pledge which describes guidelines that the farmer promises to follow to ensure that the food is responsibly grown, using organic and sustainable practices. The farmer promises to grow the healthiest food possible under conditions that help preserve the land on which it is grown.

To find out more about NOFA-NY click HERE.



An application must be completed before becoming a member. Members must pay for the cost of their farm share in full before the season begins and although working on the farm is not required, members are encouraged to volunteer time for the benefit of the farm. The number of members depends on many factors. The best way to become a member is to put your name on the mailing lists. You will receive our newsletters and you will be invited to participate in farm workshops and social events. As soon as an opening becomes available, you will be notified. The farm share price for 2020 is $750.00 for a full share.


If you are interested in becoming a farm member,  please email jennifer.campbell@parks.ny.gov and we will contact you shortly with registration information!



At the Farm, our egg-laying chickens are a hybrid cross between a White Rock female and a Rhode Island Red male.  Staying true to the Farmer’s Pledge (see above) our chicken’s diet consists of organic feed. Eggs are available to farm members during the CSA season and are sold at Manor House during the winter.



Click the link below to read our most recent monthly newsletter.

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