CSA Program

What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is made up of members who share in the costs and responsibilities of running a farm and who receive in return a share in the harvest.

CSA at Bayard Cutting Arboretum.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA is made up of members, 85 families in 2013, who bought “shares” in the spring, and who came to the farm on either Wednesday or Saturday to pick up their vegetables, herbs and flowers from May until October. We offered over 150 varieties of vegetables and berries, 15 different types of culinary herbs, and flowers, mostly sunflowers, zinnias and dahlias, which members could pick. Members could purchase eggs on a first come first served basis from our flock of egg laying hens. Members were encouraged to participate in seeding, planting, maintaining the field, and harvesting the crops in order to reap all the benefits of connecting to the farm, the land and to each other.

Part of Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA’s mission is to grow high quality, organic produce for its members using sustainable practices that protect the soil and water. We strive to maintain the growing field to the high standards of the Arboretum and to make the farm a welcoming place for the many people who visit each day. We seek to build community among farm members who are encouraged to participate in a wide range of farm activities, workshops, and events. Finally our goal is to educate the public through site visits and newsletters. We offered an education program to middle school aged children who participated in a wide variety of hands on activities including, planting and harvesting, learning about compost, and the difference between good and bad bugs in the garden.

What are the benefits of joining a CSA?
Obtaining Healthy Food: When you belong to a CSA, you are getting fresh, nutritious food that has often been harvested the same day.
Deepening Your Understanding of Food Production: Through your involvement in a CSA, you will gain a deeper appreciation of what is involved in producing the food you eat.
Strengthening Your Local Economy: CSAs keep money within the community by supporting local farmers and preserving the land where they work.
Expanding Your Community: When you join a CSA, you form a relationship with the farmer and the group of people who share your values and ideals when it comes to food.
Reducing Your Impact on the Earth: The act of transporting food over long distances contributes to global warming. When you join a CSA, you are reducing your negative impact on the earth.

Risks and Rewards
In order to have a truly sustainable food system, both farmers and consumers take a “shared risk” in food production. Crop yield is dependent on weather conditions, bugs, diseases and many other variables. CSA members make a commitment to support their farmer even though some harvests may be more or less than planned.

What do Members Receive?
The Farm will provide nearly thirty varieties of organically grown vegetables, flowers and herbs that will be harvested weekly from May to November. Depending on weather conditions, the harvest of each vegetable may be more or less than planned.What is Expected of Members?
Members are asked to make a financial commitment to the farm prior to the start of the season. Additionally, members are asked to provide time for the benefit of the Farm throughout the growing season. Help is needed in such areas as planting, harvesting, vegetable distribution, community and education outreach.

CSA Program

The cost of membership in 2017: $750 for a full share

A deposit of $200 was required by March 1st with the balance due by April 15th

An application must be completed before becoming a member. Members must pay for the cost of their farm share in full before the season begins and although working for the farm is not required, we encourage members to volunteer time for the benefit of the farm. The number of members depends on many factors and we currently have a wait list for
. The best way to become a member is to put your name on the mailing and wait lists. The sooner you place your name on the wait list, the better chance you have of becoming a member.  You will receive our bi-monthly newsletters and you will be invited to participate in farm workshops and social events. As soon as an opening becomes available, you will be notified.   

To join the Wait Lists email  jennifer.campbell@parks.ny.gov

Farm Office: 631-256-5048.

Download the CSA Farm Brochure