Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River

Fall 2019 -Spring 2020


It is the intention of Mellow Mindfulness to utilize the Connect Kids to Parks model to bring unity and community together. Using mindfulness practices together with the “Yoga for every Body” philosophy we will provide an outdoor or indoor experience to assist children ages 6 and up in connecting with themselves and the natural world.

This program will introduce the participants to mindful meditations and yoga exercises in order to promote brain /body awareness in a simple easy to understand way. Our Mindfulness intro will include Chime Time to bring the group together, a brief lesson in how our brain reacts to stress and how we quiet it by breathing mindfully and a mindful walking meditation. In inclement weather this can be done inside. This will conclude with group yoga practice.  By bringing this into nature -or in a place surrounded by nature-we promote the wholistic approach of learning.

Our mission is to increase well being and a sense of community. By providing a framework built on actual experience the neuroscience of meditation becomes “real”. Students will learn how the brain and body react to outside stimuli and what they can do to help process and eliminate stress, increase listening skills and build true community. Mindful walks in nature done in silence and with intentional steps, outdoor meditations, and even gathering for sharing circles outside lend themselves to the natural connections between children and their world.

Yoga for every Body is added as a way to practice the physical poses or shapes in order to physically release tension, build strength and allow for a safe space to “be you”. The meaning of yoga is to unite. Children are natural yogis in the sense that they often unconsciously utilize these poses when relaxing. This workshop will introduce poses that mimic the natural world and will also include a community pose so that we learn that by leaning on each other we gain strength.   These can be done indoors or out depending on weather.



Chris Walerius is an early childhood specialist . Ms Walerius has a background in Montessori, BA in Early Childhood /Administration and is a childcare consultant.  She owned her own school; Learning Adventures Children’s Center in Brentwood NY; for children aged 18 months – 10 years old where she taught mindfulness, yoga and meditation as part of her curriculum for 15 years.  Ms Walerius is an advocate for early intervention and most recently received her 200hr RYT in yoga for children and adults. She is a socio-emotional wellness coach with Breathe for Change and a Mission Be Mindfulness educator since 2015.

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What is the outcome?

The educational benefit of acquiring knowledge about the way our brain works lets the children assimilate the information given and apply it to real life situations.  Mindfulness improves mood, fosters empathy and teaches gratitude . Breathing in fresh air, listening to natural sounds and walking on the uneven terrain at the park heightens the senses and allows for a true understanding of our place in space.

The total disconnect from the tensions and sensory overload of the media and electronics leads to self -expression, this could be yoga shapes we see in nature, or a group discussion. This disconnection brings us reconnection.

The group’s introduction to community  unfolds through a the  group exercises in mindfulness and community poses in yoga. Either way there is no judgement for being you.

WE believe in the importance of family as educators. Materials sent home can be shared so that the children can teach their parents as well.

We have seen a decrease in anxiety, restlessness, inattentiveness and apathy. Students using these methods have been able to focus better, control emotional disharmony, communicate on a positive level and “feel good” about themselves and more importantly others.


What is the cost and the fees for this program?

The course costs $150.00 per 90 minutes for up to 20 children with an additional $50.00 set up and materials fee. Students will received handouts.


How long is the workshop?

This workshop will run 90 minutes.  Currently we are scheduling classes from 10:30 – 11:45 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Can I schedule a class other than Tuesday or Thursday?

You can email Lee Kennedy, of the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, to find out availability for special times and dates.