Snack ‘N Scarves

Snack 'N Scarves - An image of three scarves placed on a bookshelf. They are in different tie dye colors including red, blue and green, and yellow.

Snack ‘N Scarves

Saturday, May 13, 2023 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Elementary + Middle School Education (6+ years old);

Cost: $25 per child (nonrefundable payment required with reservation)


Register for Snacks ‘N Scarves Here!

Or call (631) 581-1002 ext. 105

About the Workshop

Join us Saturday, May 13 for Snack ‘N Scarves, a workshop for children ages 6 and up! In this workshop you can:

• Makes Great gifts!

• Learn a unique method for dying fabric

• Instructions on how to select colors that work well together

• Each student will receive individualized attention from the staff

• Printed instructions provided so you can do this at home with an adult

• A FUN, fool-proof activity, each step of the process fully demonstrated

• Easy clean-up (Yes! We love that!)


Students will be given all the necessary materials to dye in class along with printed instructions. Beverages, light snacks, Lots of laughs, and fun!




Where is the workshop held?

Classes are held at the Bayard Cutting Lower Carriage House.


What if I want to make a second or a third scarf for someone?

Each student will have the opportunity to dye a second scarf on the same dye base; If this option is selected, a fee of $15 CASH per additional scarf will be collected in class.


What should the students wear to class?

PLEASE have your child wear or bring old clothes: t-shirt/jeans, clothes they can get dye on.